Secret Lagoon Found Resembling Earth 3.5 BIllion Years Ago and What Life on Mars Would Look Like

A system of lagoons has been discovered in Argentina hosting a rare range of microbial communities previously unknown to scientists. The microbial communities form giant mounds of rock as they grow — like corals building a reef millimeter by millimeter. And the University of Colorado points out that “the communities could also provide scientists with an unprecedented look at how life may have arisen on Mars, which resembled Earth billions of years ago.”

“If life ever evolved on Mars to the level of fossils, it would have been like this,” said geologist Brian Hynek, a professor in the department of geological sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder, who helped document the ecosystem. “Understanding these modern communities on Earth could inform us about what we should look for as we search for similar features in the Martian rocks.”

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