Astronomers Accidentally Discover Dark Primordial Galaxy

Is this the faintest galaxy ever found?

While surveying hydrogen (HI) gas in Low Surface Brightness (LSB) galaxies an astronomer made an unusual discovery, presented today in a press conference at the American Astronomy Society’s annual meeting. 

350 unique galaxies were studied for this survey, and astronomers used several major radio telescopes around the world, including the National Science Foundation’s Green Bank Telescope, the Arecibo Telescope, and the Nançay Radio Telescope. “The goal was to determine the gas and dynamic masses of these ultra-diffuse galaxies. To do this, we observed them from several instruments, and many of them more than once,” shares Karen O’Neil, senior scientist of the Green Bank Observatory.

Artist depiction of hydrogen gas observed in galaxy J0613+52.  The colors indicate the likely rotation of the gas relative to the observer (red=away, blue=toward). This image was made using a starfield from STScI POSS-II with additional illustration by NSF/GBO/P.Vosteen.

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