Month: February 2021

  • Molecular Clouds All the Way Down

    Molecular Clouds All the Way Down

    Gas to Stars Each of the many hundreds of stars we can see with our naked eye, or the many thousands we can see with the aid of telescopes, has their own special story of how they came to be. Now self-gravitating balls of gas, these stars in the night sky began as clumps in dense molecular clouds.…

  • Curiosity’s skycrane maneuver

    Curiosity’s skycrane maneuver

    CURIOSITY’S SKYCRANE MANEUVER In this artist’s concept, Curiosity is in the final moments of its descent toward Mars, and is being lowered from the descent stage to the surface on three cables. NASA / JPL Entry, descent, and landing for Curiosity will include a combination of technologies inherited from past NASA Mars missions, as well as new…

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